That's me layout for BELLA BLVD

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Hey scrappy people, 

it's me and today I'm sharing a new fun rainbow layout. 

Image 50

The assignment for this week, was to use as many Florence Alpha stickers as possible. :) I really thought a loooong time about this and couldn't really come up with something I liked... haha! :) But then I finally had an idea that I thought could work... I wanted to list all the things I liked and use as many colors of the rainbow as I could.

So to start, I wanted to have a rainbow background. I used watercolors with a lot of water and put down color after color, letting it flow in different directions and letting the next color mix and blend with the previous one. After I had all the colors, I dried them with my heat gun. Then I went back and did some platters of the same colors on top. I dried it again and topped it with white splatters.

Image 53

I used my stitching machine to create a messy white line and give me a base to put my words on. I used a lot of the Florence Alpha stickers and wrote down a few of the things I love the most. 

Image 56

Then I chose my photo and backed it with some white paper, some vellum and some patterned papers that matched with the colors on the background. I adhered it with foam tape. Then I went through my embellishments and chose some chipboard and ephemera flowers. I placed them on my layout, trying to find the best placement. 

Image 55

Before adhering my flowers, I wanted to create my title. I wanted to write "That's me" but after placing the "me" down, I couldn't find the right way to incorporate the words "that's"...! I tried writing it on pink paper and cutting it out, I tried some Florence stickers, I tried some bold hand-cut letters... but nothing seemed to work. So I just decided to leave it that way... :) 

I adhered the title using foam squares and then adhered all the flowers, some flat to the paper and some using foam to create dimension. I also used some tangled thread behind the red flowers and put enamel dots in their centers.

Image 54

Then I added some white chipboard hearts and used some watercolor to paint the title and hearts. I LOVE the look that gives. :)
To finish, I wanted to have more abstract leaves around the flowers. So I took some vellum and traced some strands with leaves with a black pen and a pencil. I cut them out and added them around the flowers. Some more splatters and I was done! :)

I hope you are inspired to create a rainbow layout with the Florence Alpha stickers. You really need to have them in EVERY color, they are so pretty and easy to use! :)

Thank you so much for stopping by, see you soon!


You make me happy layout for BELLA BLVD

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Hey friends, 
today I'm sharing a layout that is inspired by the BELLA BLVD May mood board :)

Image 62

I really love this month's mood board, here it is...


What I reeeaaallly love on this mood board, is the middle square on the bottom. I'm just in love with the colors, the brush strokes, the way the colors mix and the little details in white and gold. So I really wanted to make a fun, artsy background for my page and I also wanted to include some flowers.
I started with my background. I chose my colors, trying to recreate the color scheme from the mood board. There's no rule to making such a background. I just used my colors, one after the other, painting some strokes of each color and making them blend in some places. At the end, I added the white parts and also some white and black splatters.

Image 60

I let my background dry and chose a Bella Blvd cutfile in the Silhouette store. I chose this cute cat and cut it out from a gray patterned paper, since my cat is gray. :) 

Image 57

Then I also created three flowers by hand-cutting flower shapes from 3 different patterned papers. I adhered them together, starting with the bigger flower and going smaller. For the center of the flower, I created some wonky-shaped circles in black. I used black to balance the black in the photo and the black splatters. The picture I used, is one of my cat. I printed it in black and white, since I had already enough color going on in the background. I matted it on two different patterned papers.

Image 61

I laid down all my elements to see how I wanted everything to look like and then I went into my embellishments and chose some pieces that matched. I used some ephemera circles in different colors and I used some puffy stars in two shades of pink. Then I adhered everything on my background, glueing some things directly to the paper and using some foam squares to adhere other pieces. 

Image 58

To finish, I created my title. I chose the word "Happy" from a cardstock sticker sheet. The letters were pink but I wanted something that really popped off the page and I also wanted to come back with more black. So I painted the letters with black ink. To complete the title, I used some black Florence Alpha stickers. 
I had so much fun creating this layout and I really like how it turned out. :)

I hope you are inspired to create an artsy background. Just choose a color scheme and brush on some paint. It's very easy and it looks so cool. Also... have you checked out the new Bella Blvd cutfiles?? Soooo cute!!! :)

Thank you for stopping by and see you very soon!

Oh baby! layout for BELLA BLVD

Monday, April 20, 2020

Hey scrappy friends,
it's Lisa back on the blog to share this new layout with you! :)

Image 149

I hope you're all well and having as much time to be creative, as I am :)
Today's layout is inspired by the monthly mood board.


I was inspired by the pink stripes, the eggs, the title and the colors of the cake. For this layout, I mainly used the Bella Besties papers. I decided to create stripes in light pink, darker pink, blue and yellow. I cut out the four stripes and adhered them to my white, 12x12 cardstock sheet. Then I machine-stitched the borders and distressed the edges.

Image 14

I used a flower stamp and the coordinating die to create all the cute flowers from the same papers. I created my title with my silhouette machine. I chose a font, wrote "Oh baby!" and cut it out from a darker pink paper from Bella Besties. I also cut it out from white paper with a slight offset so that I could place it underneath the pink paper, creating a frame.

Image 17

I matted my photo with black patterned paper from Bella Besties and adhered it to my layout, using foam tape. Then I placed down all of the flowers in a way that I liked and used enamel dots in the centers of some of them. To give my layout even more interest, I paper-pieced a cute bunny with a bow, that I placed next to the photo.

Image 16

Then I adhered my title with tiny foam squares and wrote the rest of the title, using the black Florence alpha. I also used some hearts from the same Alpha sheet to scatter around the layout and create a balance with the black of the letters. To finish, I splattered some color-matching inks.

Image 18

I really hope you like the layout and are inspired to create a layout using only Bella Besties papers. :)
See you soon!


Sunshine layout for BELLA BLVD

Friday, April 10, 2020

Hey friends,
it's Lisa back on the blog today and I'm sharing a new super fun and bright layout. 

Image 152

The assignment this week was to include creative journaling into the layout. But, we'll talk about that later. Let's start at the beginning. 
For my background, I used my new gel press. It's 12x12 inched, so prefect to cover a whole sheet of cardstock. I used my Distress Oxydes and pressed all the rainbow colors onto my press. Then I spritzed some water over the colors and placed my sheet of cardstock on it, pressing it onto the press. That way, all the colors transferred to my page. I let them dry and started creating my sun.

Image 9

I wanted to create a sun with rainbow colored sun bursts. So I cut out small stripes from almost all of the papers from the 6x6 Bella Besties paper pad. I also used a Bella cutfile (Chicks 301107) to create the two cute chicks. When I had all my pieces, I started placing and adhering the sun and sun bursts down. Then I pierced holes around them and hand-stitched everything with black thread. I didn't do the stitching exactly around my pieces of paper, I wanted to have this cool effect where the lines would be slightly off and I love how it turned out :)

Image 12

Then I matted my photo with different patterned papers, adhered it next to the sun, using foam tape and then I adhered my chicks, using thick foam squares, to make them stand out the most. I drew some cute details next to the chicks with a black pen and used enamel dots at the end of each swirl. 

Image 8

For my title, I wanted to use some more black to balance out the black of the stitching. I used the Florence alphas under the picture. I also wanted one part of the title to be bigger, so I tried to replicate the Florence font and cut it out from a black Bella Besties paper. I really like how it turned out. :) 

Back to the creative journaling. My first idea was to do the journaling on the sun bursts, but when I was done, I realized that it would be hard to write on the small spaces, plus it would maybe ruin the rainbow effect. So I chose to do my journaling around the page, as a frame. I wrote my journaling on a white scrap of paper, cut it into small strips and adhered the text all around.

Image 13

To finish the layout, I splattered some pink ink, used some flower stickers from the Squeeze the Day collection, and I was done!
I really hope you enjoyed the process and like the layout.

See you very soon,


Happy spring layout for THE CUT SHOPPE

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hey friends, 

it's Lisa on the blog and today I'm sharing my last layout for TheCutShoppe.

The cutfile I'm using is called Happy spring, you can find it by clicking on this link. :)

For this layout, I wanted to use very bright spring colors, so I chose pink, yellow and mint. I went through my paper scrap stash and chose all the ones that I thought would look good together, then I traced all the letters on the mint and pink papers and cut them out. 

For my background, I created three stripes of color, using acylics, on a white cardstock sheet. Then I adhered my letters to the mint and pink sections. I wasn't careful with the placement of the letters, I wanted them to be a bit crooked, so that when I placed the cutfile on top, they would't match perfectly. If you have been following me for a while, I'm sure you know that I like doing this. I like when the letters peek out from the sides.

The yellow section was still empty at this point. I wanted to place my photo there but I also needed something else to fill up more space. So I went back to my cutfiles and used one of the flowers from the Spring Flowers cutfile. I backed it, as well as my photo, with a yellow patterned paper. I thought it would be cool if the flower had a stem going down to the green section. So I cretated a stem with leaves and a cute little knot. 

I went through my stash and chose a lot of cute little details to add. Stickers, ephemera pieces... I added them all to the corresponding section. To finish I splattered some paint. 
I hope you like how it turned out. 

I want to thank Ashley Horton again for giving me the chance to work with her great cutfiles.

Don't forget that you can still purchase cutfiles on the CutShoppe website!!! :) 


Lovely moments layout for THE CUT SHOPPE

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Hey friends, 

it's Lisa back on the blog today and I'm sharing a super fun layout using the beautiful cutfile SPRING FLOWERS. You can check out all of the other super cute cutfiles on the THECUTSHOPPE website.

I know that my last two layouts for The Cut Shoppe have also had big hearts... well, I can't stay away from hearts apparently... ;) I just love them! When I saw this cutfile, I knew I wanted to use it. Flowers and hearts, it was just screaming my name! :)

To start I chose the papers and colors I wanted to use. I wanted my color scheme to be a bit different than usual. Of course, I wanted pink, but I also wanted the layout to be bold and not too pastel. I went to my big drawer of scraps of patterned papers and chose the ones I liked together. 

I cut out the cutfile from white cardstock and also created a cutfile from it with just one flower. I then used that flower cutfile to cut out all my colored flowers to back the cutfile. That way, I didn't have to trace all the flowers and cut them all by hand. 

I started by adhering all my flowers to the white background and then added the cutfile on top. That way, the flowers were not matching the cutfile exactly and I love that effect, when some parts peek out from the sides. Then I went around it with my stitching machine and white thread a few times to give it more definition and to have this cool messy border. 

I looked through some of my Maggie Holmes collections and found a few fussy-cut flowers and leaves, word stickers and puffy stickers, some heart stickers and some green jewel stars. I used the word stickers as my title and the rest of the embellishments to decorate my heart. 

I also used a super cute sticker with a girl lying on an inflatable hoop... :) To add more detail and interest, I used some tangled gold thread behind my fussy-cut flowers. 
I also created a frame with a fun yellow patterned paper and then splattered gold paint around the heart. 

I really hope you like it, thank you so much for stopping by,

see you soon,

Lisa :)

Baby it's cold outside layout for THECUTSHOPPE

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Hey friends, 

it's Lisa back on the blog today and I'm sharing a super cute layout with a brand new cutfile.
The cutfile I'm using is called FRESH CUT TREES and is available on the THE CUT SHOPPE website. 

In fact the cutfile is made of four rows of trees, all on top of each other. What I did was cut it out two times. One time filling the 12x12 sheet, one time a bit smaller. So I had big and smaller trees. I cut the cutfile apart and used two rows of each. 
First I backed them with pretty patterned papers from the Crate Paper Snowflake collection. Then I positioned them on the paper, always using two rows, that I superposed in a way that the bigger trees would overlap the smaller trees a bit. I also used foam dots to adhere the bigger trees, to create dimension.

Then I used another cutfile for my title, which is called WINTER IS COMING. I cut out the letters from white cardstock and placed them on patterned paper before cutting them out, leaving a colored border. The word 'cold' I backed in the traditional way.

I really love the effect it gives with the different fonts and different colors. 
I matted my photo with five or six scraps of paper and adhered it to the layout, in between the rows of trees. I also created a frame for the layout, using a pretty patterned paper. Then I went through my embellishments and used stars and some animals to pimp my pretty layout.

To finish the layout, I splattered some gold ink in some places.

I really love this tree cutfile because, as I did, you can use it in so many different ways. You can use it as is, or cut the trees as you like and need them on your layout. The phrase cutfile is also very fun. It's meant to be used in a traveler's notebook, but I switched it up and used it on my layout. So, as you can see, you only need a bit of imagination and your options are endless :)

See you soon!


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