Candy Cane Lane layout for Doodlebug

Sunday, December 25, 2022

One of my favorite designs when making layouts, is a grid design. It's been quite a while since I made one, but I made a project two weeks ago, for a grid design challenge I will host, and it was so much fun that I also wanted to make one with the cute Candy Cane Lane collection.

I made this layout, after already making another one that I didn't like at all... Does that happen to you? :) Well, it happens to me sometimes... But this time, it was no problem at all, since I already had the grid design idea that I wanted to make.

So I started by ripping 3x3 squares out of the 6x6 paper pad and 12x12 sheets of patterned papers, using a ruler. I like distressed edges and it's faster to rip the paper, than to cut it and then distress it after... hehe. 
For the square with the Santa on a bike, I used my pink Distress Oxide, to create a frame so that it would stand out more in front of the white background.

I adhered my squares to some vellum, using foam tape and then I ripped the vellum, leaving a narrow vellum border around all my squares.

I adhered them to a 12x12 sheet of white cardstock and then I chose my photo. I matted the photo with some pieces of patterned paper that I also distressed.
The photo is from a few years ago, when my friends and I took some photos for New Years' 2019. It's not a Christmas photo but it matched so good colorwise, that I wanted to use it... and it's just a week after Christmas, soooo still working, right? :)

I chose some die cuts from the Odds&Ends pack, the word "memories" from the Chit&Chat pack and the cute Doodle-pops deer and bird to decorate my page. 

For the title, I added "Winter" to "Memories" with the new Alphabet Soup puffy alpha stickers. Love those!!! :) 

I also had some circles with thread, left from the layout that I didn't like, and I repurposed those into flowers (yes, I took the other layout apart... shhh!!!) I added a circle on top, used an enamel dot in the center and added dimension and texture by pushing the center down.

Then I cut out leaves from a green tag and added those too.

Added some enamel dots and hearts and gold splatters to finish and voilà, all done! :)

I hope you like the layout and thank you for stopping by!

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Doodlebug products used:

Candy Cane Lane collection

Alphabet soup stickers

Other products used:



Gift boxes for Doodlebug Design

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

It's almost Christmas time guys and so it's time to start looking for little gifts... If you are creating some of your presents yourself or want to present your gifts in a super cute way, I have an idea for you. I decorated fun little boxes with the adorable new Santa dies from the Candy Cane Lane collection.

Like I said, in previous posts, I just love the new stackable dies. With these CANDY CANE LANE ones, you can create a little Santa in each and every color you want to.

So to start, I chose the papers I wanted to use. I didn't want to only create red Santas, so I also chose a pink heart patterned paper and a colorful gingham pattern.

Since I also wanted to change up his face a bit, I cut out the face, using the corresponding die, only once and for the other ones, I just traced the outlines, so that I could draw on my face later. 

For the shoes, belt and mittens, I used black and brown and for the belt buckle, I used gold glitter paper. When I paper pieced everything together, I also changed up the arms. For the red Santa, I cut both of them off and adhered them with the arms looking down. For the pink one, I adhered one of the arms a bit lower. 

As you can see from my three characters, even if you only have one die set, you can create a lot of different ones... :)

After adding details, like cheeks, eyes, mouth, white highlights and scribbly lines on the white parts, I adhered my Santas on two circles. A normal one and a scalloped one.
Then I adhered them to a rectangle, that fitted the cover of my box and that I had zigzag-stitched before.

I then decorated a bit more, using die cut pieces from the Chit Chat and Odds&Ends packs and some jewels. 

I also adhered three die cut pieces to wood clips and added those to my designs.

To make the box even more fun, I created tassels, with paper beads, that I made myself, and plastic beads. 

I really love the little boxes and can't wait to gift them to someone.

...Not with the things on this photo though... those are mine... :) Hahahaaa.. 

I hope you enjoyed this little idea and are ready to start crafting.

Wish you a wonderful week...

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Doodlebug Products used:

Candy Cane Lane collection


Wood pins

NEW Alphabet Soup puffy stickers

My Type alpha stickers

Sunshine alpha stickers

Abigail alpha stickers

Other products used:

Gold glitter paper


Embroidery Thread

Kraft boxes

Pumpkin Heads layout for Doodlebug Design

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Do you love the warm colors of Fall and the soft sliding into winter...? Well, with this amazingly beautiful collection, you get all oft that. No harsch and cold colors yet, even if Winter is almost here :) 

For this project, I chose to create a very simple, yet colorful and happy layout.

To start, I chose almost all of the patterned papers and cut thin, around 1/3 inch wide, strips. I didn't really take care to be precise while cutting, I just wanted strips with different lengths and approximately the same widths. Then I took a white cardstock as my background and started stitching all of my pieces onto the paper. I used different stitching styles, varying zig-zag stitches and straight stitches.

Then I distressed the edges of the stripes, which I recommend doing BEFORE stitching...;) I went through the die cut pieces and chose flowers and leaves that I placed onto the layout, trying to match the colors a bit with the background stripes.

My photo was already matted with an older orange paper that I had used months ago and then, it had ended back up in my photo collection. I adhered it, using foam tape. Then I adhered all of the florals and looked for a title. I used one of the Chit&Chat die cuts and added some gold Abigail alpha stickers.

Then came the best part of course... adding all the cute embellishments. I used jewels and enamel bees, dots and hearts. 

That's it. All done :)
Super easy, but pretty. 

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon,

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 Doodlebug products used:

Farmers Market collection

Abigail alpha stickers

Other products used:

Sewing thread


Famers Market Notepad for Doodlebug Design

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Have you already seen the new adorable notepads from Doodlebug Design? There are two included in the new collection, Farmers Market, one for notes and one for grocery lists. I'm totally in love and that's why I decided to do a project using one of them.

My idea was to create a cover for my notepad, adding a few pockets to insert other notes, lists, tickets and photos.

To start, I cut out two big rectangles and a small rectangle, out of chipboard. I wrapped them with patterned paper and then used a piece of paper to combine all three. 

I used different papers for each part and also used different papers for the inside, in order to use as many patterns and colors as possible, from this beautiful collection.

What I also LOVE in this collection, are the flower dies. With those, you can make as many flowers as you wish. I used six colors of patterned papers in the 6x6 paper pad and cut out a bunch of flowers and leaves.

On the inside of the notepad cover, I used the bottom to attach my notepad and the top to add three pockets, and then added little lists and notes that I cut out from the cutapart paper sheet. 

I also added a little loop next to the notepad, to insert a pen. 
Then I decorated with my die cut flowers, using as many as possible.

On the top of the cover, I added a paper-pieced cat head and then added a lot of flowers and leaves too. I also used Sunshine alpha stickers to write a sentiment. 

To finish, I added a bunch of the jewels that I love so much! :)

That's it guys. 
I love how it turned out and am excited to use it. 
This would also make a perfect gift. :)

See you soon,


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Doodlebug products used:

Farmers Market collection

Sunshine alpha stickers

Other products used:


Monster Madness layout for Doodlebug Design

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Hi, I'm back with another layout using Monster Madness. Last week, I created a layout with ghosts, this time I used the main feature of the collection, monsters. 

Of all of the different monsters in the collection, the one I like the most, is this puffy fluffy little candy floss monster. That's what I call it... :) So I decided to draw him and create three of them, using different patterned papers for their bodies, socks, hands and horns. 

At first, I drew tiny dots as their eyes, to copy the illustrations of the collection... but when I went through the die cuts later, I chose these googly eyes die cuts instead. Heheee... I think it gives them such a cute look, even more with two different sized eyes.

So, when the monsters where finished, I prepared my background. I wanted to have this fluffy candy floss texture on the background, so I used my Distress Oxides and daubers to create cloud-like shapes of different colors. Then I also used the Oxides, mixed with water to splatter color over the whole page with a small brush.

When the cardstock was dry, I placed my monsters on it to see where I wanted them to go and where I could add my photo. I matted the photo with different papers from the 6x6 paper pad and then placed it on the layout. When I was happy with the design, I adhered everything using liquid glue and foam squares.

To embellish, I went through the die cuts, enamel stickers, jewels, Doodle Pops and cardstock stickers and added, worm stickers, coming out of the monster's bodies, a spider, jewels, star die cuts and a lollipop and candy sticker. I also added the title which is composed of a Chit&Chat die cut and some Sunshine alpha stickers. 

Are you already full swing into scrapping Halloween photos? I always love Halloween-scrapping, it makes the whole "Summer-is-over" sadness a lot better, hahahaaa... and these cute faces do too :)

Thank you so much for stopping by and see you soon!

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Doodlebug products used:

Monster Madness collection

Sunshine alpha stickers

Other products used:

Distress Oxides

Halloween at the park layout for Doodlebug Design

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

This is Halloween, this is Halloween... Pumpkins scream in the dead of night... :) 

Halloween season is back and it's time to start scrappin' some Halloween photos. 

For this layout, I used the brand new Halloween collection called Monster Madness and I created a fun and colorful ghost page.

I just love the new collection and all the cute designs on the patterned papers. I, of course... LOVE the one with all the googly eyes and needed to fussy cut those out. I also adore the one with all the clouds and decided to fussy cut some of those too. 

I started the page by creating three grey clouds, using a dabber and black ink. I made those by smearing the ink in circle shapes until I had those circles forming a cloud. 
Then I used a pencil and traced around the corners to make them stand out more and separating them from the white background. I sprinkled paint in gold, white and pink and let everything dry.

For my ghosts, I just drew all the shapes on white and colored cardstock and cut the pieces out. Then I assembled everything, after giving the shapes some color with my Distress Oxides. I added detail with my black pen and white acrylic pen. I love how cute they look and the eyes are inspired by the super cute googly-eyes patterned paper... But I'm sure you already guessed that ;)

I used a photo of myself when I was at Europa-Park a few years ago. I matted it with some pieces of paper from the 6x6 paper pad. For the title, I used a sticker from the 12x12 sticker sheet and some My Type alpha stickers.

I adhered my ghosts and the photo to the page and then embellished with all the fussy cut elements, stickers, enamel shapes and jewels. 

I really love how cute it turned out with all the little eyes and clouds, hehe... :)

Have a great Halloween season, 
see you soon,

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 Doodlebug products used:

Monster Madness collection


My type alpha stickers

Other products used:

Acrylic pens

Distress Oxides

Autum Day layout for Doodlebug Design

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Okay... So summer's officially over and I need to turn the page... which is always super hard for me... :) I LOVE summer!!! Here in Luxembourg, fall is not always super beautiful, it's not the warm orange and yellow kinda fall, it's the grey, cloudy and cold kinda fall. But I'll light some candles on those rainy days and I'll be fine. At least the scrapbooking collections are pretty. Here's my first layout with this older Doodlebug collection, called Pumpkin Spice.

I did it again! I chose a patterned paper and started cutting out all the little designs. This time, it was leaves. So after cutting them out, I needed to decide on a design for my page. I decided to go with this plus sign shape. I matted my photo with two patterned papers, adhered it to the background, then started placing my leaves on top and bottom and on the sides of the photo. I also chose three Doodle Pops that I placed between all the leaves.

I then gave the leaves some dimension by pressing the centers down with my fingers and adhered them to the paper using liquid glue. I used watercolors and added some yellow in some places between the leaves. Then I went through the Odds&Ends die cuts and chose leaves, ladybugs, acorns, pinecones, mushrooms, birds... 

I added the leaves using foam squares and adhered them to the page using some tangled thread underneath. I also adhered the other die cuts with foam squares to make them stand out.

At the end, I added watercolor splatters in teal and orange and enamel dots and jewels. For my title, I chose two words from the Chit&Chat die cuts.

I hope you like the fall vibes and are ready for Fall photoshoots and scrapbooking.

See you soon,

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 Doodlebug products used:

Pumpkin Spice collection

Other products used:




Summer Layout for Doodlebug Design

Monday, September 19, 2022

Summer's slowly moving to the end but I'm still super motivated to scrap summer photos, even when seeing Halloween stuff everywhere... :) 

For this project, I'm using the wonderful Seaside Summer collection and scrapping a photo from three years ago, when I spent time with my friends at the Bahamas. 

When Starting this layout, I went through the papers and chose a red one with Hibiscus flowers and a green one with leaves. I already cut out a ton of shells for a layout, a few weeks ago, so now I did it again. I fussy cut out a lot of red flowers and green leaves. I wanted to fill the page with them. 

After cutting out the flowers, I chose patterned papers and cut out letters to write the word SUMMER. I distressed the edges and adhered them to some vellum. Then I cut them out again, leaving a vellum border and distressing the edges again. 

I adhered the letters to my white cardstock using thin foam tape and then started adding my flowers. At first, I just placed them everywhere I wanted, to see if I liked it, before adhering them permanently to my page with liquid glue. I gave them some dimension, by pressing the center of the flowers down and by bending the leaves. 

Then I chose some Doodle Pops to add to my page. I wanted to use this cocktail glass with the straw... Even though I think it's too detailed in that spot of the page, I couldn't not use it... it was just too perfect with the photo. :)

Then I used some sea animals and the sand castle. 

To give the flowers a pop of color, I used enamel dots and jewels to adhere to their centers. 
To finish the layout, I added watercolor in two places and splattered some paint.

I think the layout turned out fun and cute and colorful. 
I hope you're inspired to do some fussy cutting, It always pays out in the end... :)

Have a good week, see you!

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Doodlebug products used:

Summer Seaside collection

Other products used:


White acrylic marker

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