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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hey guys!
This is my first blog post on my new blog... Yay!!!

The blog will probably change it's appearance in the next weeks... I'm still trying to figure out how everything works and how I want my blog to look like.

But for now, this is it! :)

I just wanted to write this little blog post to test this whole thing and see how this works... haha :) So I'm just going to quickly introduce myself and tell you a few things about myself.

My name's Lisa, I live in Luxembourg. I'm a preschool teacher and I've been doing my job for ten years now. I really like it, but I always feel like that's not the one thing that's going to make me happy forever. I want to be more creative, more free and more... well me! 
I have been doing a lot of different creative things, like jewelry, cupcakes and cakes, stickers... and now... I'm in love with scrapbooking! I feel like this is something that I'm going to enjoy for a very long time, because even if I had some different passions through the years, I've always loved paper and stationery and stickers... Even at school, what I like the most is making crafts with the kids... Here are some examples...

In a way, I've been scrapbooking my whole life, even if it always was in different forms and ways, like cutting out pictures from magazines and decorating albums, making albums for friends and family or keeping a guest book, where people could decorate with stickers and where, I also put stuff in that I liked, like pictures and recipes and songs...

So when I started to scrapbook on 12x12 sheets, two years ago, I was really excited to start something "new". The first layout I made was about my cat ABU, who had just passed away. I wanted to make a page with all my favorite pictures of him.

My style was totally different then and it changed a lot in only two years, but when I look at it now, I still really like those two pages and I think it really shows how loved my little cat was.

Then I watched tons and tons of YouTube videos and I learned a lot and it got me where I am now with scrapbooking.

Here are some of my favorite layouts throughout the years...

So this is it for now. I hope you got to know me a little bit better. Leave comments if you want to know something and visit my YouTube channel if you wanna see process videos of my layouts. Thank you for stopping by :)


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