STAY MAGICAL layout for Pink and Paper

Monday, April 2, 2018

Hey friends, 
here's a super fun and dreamy layout I made for Pink and Paper.

So I wanted to use those cute mermaids and unicorns and all that whimsical stuff included in the kit. I thought that I would create a page full of clouds where all the cuties could sit on.

I started by drawing some clouds on a white sheet of paper. I made it so that they would layer in a beautiful way. Then I stitched around them, using pastel rainbow colors, starting with pink, then orange, yellow, green an blue

Then I placed them on a white page. I took some color sprays in matching colors and made splatters on the clouds.

I chose a bunch of cute ephemera pieces and stickers and tucked them behind the clouds in a way that it didn't seem to overloaded.

I chose a colorful patterned paper to matte my picture and placed the picture in the middle of the layout. I used the Oh-my-god-so-gorgeous-thickers from the collection and wrote 'Stay magical' above and under the picture.

...and the layout was done!

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